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Welcome to Ontario Away!

man and woman standing against wooden railing with lake behind
A nice stranger snapped this for us in Prince Edward County!

Hi – and welcome to Ontario Away. Around here, we call it “OA” for short. We’re Eric and Lisa, and we’re a Canadian and German couple who met while travelling the world.

Our back story is a little crazy, so all you have to know is that we have a love for Canada and a passion for travel.

What is Ontario Away?

Ontario Away is a website dedicated to exploring everything about the province of Ontario. As Canada’s second largest province, there is a ton to see, do, and explore in Ontario.

We’ve done a ton of travelling over the years and we’ve come to realize one thing: while we love exploring other places, there are plenty of great adventures in our own backyard.

Who We Are

young couple in jackets sitting in heavy snow with wooden cabin behind
Up at the family cottage for New Year’s – we usually get a lot of snow!

Eric is a Canadian & Hungarian content writer originally from a small town north of Toronto in Simcoe County. Although he’s got over 45 countries under his belt, Ontario will always be home. He’s lived in both Toronto and Kingston – spending almost a decade in the latter.

Having worked in University Recruitment, he’s driven across Ontario countless times, logging thousands of kilometres as he went.

He’s been up the highways as far as Pickle Lake, Ontario, rafted the Ottawa River, explored the wine country of Prince Edward County, and ventured as far south as Windsor. He also loves maple syrup, the family cottage, and Toronto sports – GO LEAFS GO!

Lisa is a German content writer and marketer who studied Business and Languages/Cultures at university. She has lived and studied abroad in the United States, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Her first visit to Canada was on a Canadian Working Holiday Visa when she moved in with Eric in Toronto. As a German-born and raised, Lisa loves discovering Ontario but knows that there is just so much more to check out!

What We’re Doing

Ontario (and Canada, for that matter) is an incredible place that we often take for granted.  So, we want to explore as much of this province as we can – and take you along for the ride with us!

This way, you learn about the best hikes, food, attractions, historic spots, fishing holes, winter activities, you name it. Every Ontario experience is fair game on OA!

So, join in the wander around Ontario – and feel free to tell us what we should check out! We’re happy to share it with everyone.

As always, Keep Exploring, eh?
– Eric and Lisa

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