Best Places to Stay in Kingston, Ontario (2024): Accommodation & Area Guide

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Looking for the Best Places to Stay in Kingston, Ontario? Here Are Our Local Tips!

So you want to explore this historic city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada but need a place to sleep? You are not alone! Heading off on a Kingston trip is a lot of fun.

Having lived in Kingston for several years, Eric knows a thing or two about where to stay in Kingston. Kingston is a popular city to visit in Ontario with numerous things to do in all seasons.

If you are looking for Kingston accommodation, there is a nice variety of places to choose from including Kingston hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, and even historic inns.

As for where to stay in Kingston, there are accommodations in great locations like downtown Kingston along the historic waterfront or even up near the highway.

Confederation Place Hotel and Kingston Market Square Hotel are good examples of downtown hotels in Kingston. To help you in your search for the perfect Kingston accommodation, our detailed guide cuts to the chase.

First, we’ll cover some of the best places to stay in Kingston by accommodation type/style and then go over different areas with accommodation examples in each.

Friendly Disclosure: We paid for the accommodations we stayed at ourselves and were not told to include them in this article.

Accommodations by Type

Kingston is a fun city to visit – and makes for a great weekend getaway in Ontario. In this first section, we’ll talk about accommodations in Kingston by type.

There is a healthy mix of hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, and cheap accommodations across the city. Many people indeed search for Kingston hotels and motels but there are other great Kingston accommodation options as well!

Generally speaking, accommodations in Kingston (especially hotels) are more expensive the closer to downtown/the waterfront you get – but you can still find deals.

Tip: Accommodations tend to book up faster for the busy summer season so be sure to book in advance if you know you want to travel to Kingston.

Below, you can find Kingston accommodation options broken down by style. This way, if you know the type of accommodation you’re searching for, you can narrow down your search right now.

FYI: Different types of Kingston lodging don’t always fit into perfect categories. For example, some “inns” are actually bed and breakfasts, etc. Don’t worry too much about the name and focus on what the accommodation offers you. If it meets your needs, you’re in good shape.

Hotels In Kingston, Ontario

brown downtown hotel with balconies at water's edge and patio in front
The Holiday Inn Waterfront is just one of the downtown hotels in Kingston!

If you’re coming to Kingston, a popular accommodation choice is a Kingston hotel. We’ve stayed at some hotels in Kingston and never had a bad experience.

As we mentioned above, the city draws in many visitors with all different styles and budgets so there is a healthy variety of hotels available across the city.

Of course, many people are searching for the best hotels in Kingston – and some might argue that those are the downtown hotels.

While the Kingston waterfront hotels are great for their location and other reasons, there are other nice hotel options elsewhere in the city like in green neighbourhoods or closer to the highway if you have a car.

Check here for hotels in Kingston, Ontario

That said, let’s break down hotels in Kingston by type so that you find the hotel that aligns with your style and budget.

Popular Hotels in Kingston, Ontario

hotel building with red lobby roof and blue sky behind.
Confederation Place Hotel is easily one of the most popular hotels in Kingston, Ontario!

While there are several hotels in Kingston, some are a cut above the rest. We have listed some below.

These are chosen for all different reasons that might appeal to you: their location at the waterfront, their amenities, price, ease of access to Highway 401, etc.

Some of these are hotels in downtown Kingston but not all of them are. If you are looking for a hotel in Kingston, these are some of the best options:

Popular Kingston Hotels

Cheap Hotels in Kingston, Ontario

If you are looking for cheap hotels in Kingston, Ontario, there are many hotels to choose from. Kingston cheap hotels are good places to stay if you are on a budget.

You can find hotel deals in Kingston which makes the city an accessible place to visit if you are on a budget.

Keep in mind, “cheap” is a relative term. You sometimes get fewer amenities at these hotels compared to others downtown but you can still have a nice stay.

Many cheap hotels are located not right downtown – and often that is the reason why they are cheaper.

So, if you have a car, they make for a nice place to stay as a couple, with family, or for those passing through Kingston who needs a place to stop for the night!

Below are some simple and cheaper places to stay in Kingston:

Luxury/Boutique Hotels in Kingston, Ontario

If you are looking for an upscale hotel stay while visiting Kingston, there are now a few options.

To be honest, Kingston has plenty of regular, good hotels but until fairly recently (2023) there weren’t strong options for Kingston boutique hotels or even any luxury hotels.

Luckily, the hotel scene has changed a bit and there are some nice, trendy hotel options either close to downtown or right downtown.

  • The Smith Hotel – A historic yet trendy renovated limestone church located on Queen Street (a stone’s throw from Princess Street/Downtown Kingston)
  • Frontenac Club – An upscale historic limestone building with bank vault gastrobar and other amenities just steps from the Kingston waterfront.

We’re excited to see The Belvedere Hotel – which closed in 2021 after 35 years in business – being renovated and reopened this year (2024). It’s a beautiful historic building from the late 1800s located right on King Street – a great location for a stay in Kingston!

Motels in Kingston, Ontario

If you’re looking for motels in Kingston, there are a number of them. Motels sometimes get a bad reputation for being cheap and dirty.

However, if you do your research, you can find a simple accommodation that is good value for money and has everything you need for a nice night’s sleep in a city.

There are several cheap motels in Kingston north and west of downtown. There are also a few motels near Kingston (outside the city centre) which can make for a good Kingston motel option, too.

You can check below for some of the best motels in Kingston, Ontario:

  • Lord Nelson Motel – A clean and friendly motel northeast of downtown Kingston closer to Highway 401 off Highway 15 (Our Pick)
  • Comfort Inn Kingston Highway 401 A traditional motel/hotel off Division Street near Highway 401
  • Hilltop Motel A simple budget motel off Princess Street a short drive/bus to downtown Kingston

Bed and Breakfasts in Kingston, Ontario

colourful bed and breakfast house with tower and green trees in front and around.
The Hochelaga Inn is a Kingston B&B right downtown!

Another great type of accommodation in Kingston is bed and breakfasts. The city is full of historic homes that are quaint getaway spots mostly in downtown Kingston.

We like bed and breakfasts in Ontario because they make for a nice cozy stay, you get a great breakfast, and the hosts are usually loaded with local knowledge.

Eric lived in the same lovely, green neighbourhood as basically most of the Kingston bed & breakfasts listed below. The area is just a quick walk downtown. He walked by these “tucked away” places almost every day.

Check here for bed and breakfasts in Kingston

Just so you know, bed and breakfasts can be called inns in this post but they offer a bed and a breakfast (and no other amenities) so they are treated as such. Our recent stay at the Hochelaga Inn (shown above) would reinforce this fact!

That said, there are also inns in Kingston and we will get to those below. In any case, here is an overview of some of the best bed and breakfasts in Kingston, Ontario:

  • Hochelaga Inn – A charming, cozy bed and breakfast right in downtown Kingston (Our Pick)
  • The Secret Garden InnA historic, trendy B&B in red brick house steps from the heart of downtown/waterfront
  • O’Brien House – A cozy, homey B&B located a short drive from downtown Kingston

Inns in Kingston, Ontario

old stone inn house tucked away behind trees and flowers in kingston.
A top inn in Kingston is the Rosemount Inn – also close to downtown!

As we mentioned above, there are some inns in Kingston. Inns are different from bed and breakfasts in the sense that they usually have more rooms, offer more food options (like lunch or dinner), and/or have spa facilities.

These “extras” are what set inns apart from a traditional bed and breakfast. However, this rule isn’t perfect!

There is more than one nice inn in Kingston and you’ll find a cozy Kingston inn if you’re searching for one close to downtown. You can check below for some of the best inns in Kingston, Ontario:

  • Rosemount Inn – An upscale, charming boutique inn with great tea and spa services right downtown (Our Pick)
  • Green Acres Inn A quaint “getaway” inn with pool and gardens a short drive from downtown

Apartments in Kingston, Ontario

Although hotels do tend to dominate the Kingston accommodation option, you can also find some apartments, suites, or aparthotels.

Suites or apartments make a great base to call home for a few days if you’re exploring Kingston (or the surrounding areas).

Many of the Kingston apartments come with fully equipped kitchens/kitchenettes which give you the chance to cook. This is a great way to save money if you’re staying on a longer vacation.

Aparthotels are also a nice option if you want your own space but desire the option for a cooked breakfast and to have a reception you can ask for things at. Often, these accommodations are also a great option for families or larger groups.

You can check here for great apartments/suites in Kingston. Listed below are a few lovely apartments or suites in great locations:

Accommodations By Area

Alright, so now that we have gone over the accommodations by type in Kingston, it’s time to talk about the best areas to stay in Kingston.

We will start by telling you about the area/neighbourhood, what you can find there, and what kind of visitor it might be a good fit for. Then, we’ll dive into a handful of great accommodation choices for you to look at.

There are four main areas for Kingston accommodations – all situated somewhere between Highway 401 in the north end of the city and Lake Ontario to the south. The closer to downtown/the waterfront you get, the more popular the area to stay.

Generally, most accommodations in Kingston exist in clusters around the areas listed below. You can find a handful of different places to stay in other places – but they are much more scarce.

If you want to just dive in and get a quick overview, have a look at our top accommodation picks in each of the areas listed below in this post:

Top Kingston Accommodations By Area

Sydenham (Downtown Kingston) – Sights/Waterfront

hotel standing at waterfront with boats and buildings in front in downtown kingston.
Lots of hotels surround Confederation Park right at the historic Kingston waterfront.

With all the hustle and bustle going on, downtown Kingston is where many end up staying. The historic waterfront is a hub of activity and downtown is full of great shops, bars and pubs, restaurants, and attractions.

Officially, downtown Kingston is located in the neighbourhood of Sydenham. This historic neighbourhood is made up of two rather distinct areas when it comes to accommodations.

Downtown Kingston includes Princess Street and curves around the beautiful waterfront (Kingston Harbour) at Confederation Park (seen above).

Our Tip: Downtown Kingston is made up of a few different streets. For a visitor, you’ll want to walk along Princess Street, Brock Street, King Street E, or Ontario Street. You’ll find restaurants, shops, breweries, and Springer Market Square behind the historic City Hall.

There’s an old train station (and an old steam train) down on Ontario Street near City Hall which is the Tourism Information Office. The surrounding green waterfront park (Confederation Park) is where you’ll find the best waterfront hotels in Kingston with views of Lake Ontario.

Tucked away a few blocks behind this waterfront area is a green and residential neighbourhood packed with historic buildings. Eric used to live down here. This area is where you’d find many bed and breakfasts and quaint and quiet inns.

Both these areas of Sydenham are very close to one another – but they are slightly different and offer slightly different things to visitors!

Downtown is also where you can easily play tourist and hop on tours like a 1000 Islands Boat Cruise, Historic Trolley Tour, or even the Haunted Walk.

Featured Accommodations in Sydenham/Downtown Kingston

If you stay in/close to downtown, you can walk everywhere without needing a car. This makes hotels in downtown Kingston a pretty attractive place to stay.

Most accommodations downtown also have parking so you can feel confident about leaving the car for a few days while you explore on foot.

Below you’ll find some great accommodations in Kingston right in the heart of downtown at the waterfront:

Confederation Place Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Simple Yet Popular Downtown Kingston Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Right on the water in historic downtown Kingston, walking distance to shops, restaurants, and more
  • Featured Amenities: Pet friendly, parking, breakfast included, small outdoor pool

Kingston Market Square Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Clean, Simple Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Steps from the waterfront, steps from the heart of downtown – restaurants and pubs everywhere
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite bar/restaurant, pool, underground parking (for a fee)

Residence Inn by Marriott Kingston Water’s Edge – Check Now

  • Style: A Nice, Functional Aparthotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Right at the waterfront, overlooking the lake a short walk from the heart of downtown Kingston
  • Featured Amenities: Suites with full kitchens, indoor pool, nice breakfast included

The Delta Kingston Waterfront – Check Now

  • Style: An Upscale yet Classic Hotel
  • Price Range: Lower Mid-Range
  • Location: Overlooking Lake Ontario right at the waterfront close to everything. The building is physically on a pier out over the water.
  • Featured Amenities: Indoor pool, onsite bar/restaurant (AquaTerra), onsite parking

Below, you’ll find many quainter, smaller beds and breakfasts or inns in the quieter neighbourhood behind/beside downtown. This is a historically rich, beautiful area (where Eric used to live). Here are some great options:

Hochelaga Inn – Check Now

  • Style: A Charming, Cozy Bed and Breakfast
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: In a quiet, historic neighbourhood in downtown Kingston, a short walk to shops, restaurants, pubs, and the waterfront
  • Featured Amenities: Air conditioning, great breakfast, parking onsite

Rosemount Inn – Check Now

  • Style: An Upscale and Charming Inn
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: In a quiet, historic neighbourhood in downtown Kingston, a short walk to shops, restaurants, pubs, and the waterfront
  • Featured Amenities: Spa amenities, gourmet breakfast, afternoon tea, air conditioning

Secret Garden Inn – Check Now

  • Style: A Historic yet Trendy B & B
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: In the heart of Sydenham – a green, historic area steps for downtown/waterfront area
  • Featured Amenities: Free onsite parking, great breakfast, outdoor terrace

Midtown/West End Kingston – Value/Location

If you don’t want to stay right downtown, there is a large area of the city that is not included in the downtown section of this article. We are defining this region as Midtown and as the West End of Kingston.

It’s a large area that generally follows Princess Street out of downtown and into more commercial and residential areas of Kingston with strip malls, plazas, and big stores.

This region is where you would find hotels on Princess Street in Kingston. Many of the hotels here have free parking since you need a car to get downtown or to leave the city.

As for getting to the attractions downtown (assuming you are playing tourist), you’ll need a car/cab. You can also hop on the city bus if you like.

Accommodations in this area are generally cheaper than downtown and make for a good option if you want to be close to the Kingston train station to catch the ViaRail to Toronto or Montreal, for example.

Featured Accommodations in Midtown/West End Kingston

Below you’ll find some great accommodations in Kingston around Princess Street and/or up the Cataraqui Centre (Mall). Again, these places are better suited if you are travelling to Kingston by car:

Comfort Inn and Suites – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright, Simple Hotel (recently renovated) northwest of downtown
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Right on Princess Street, a short drive/bus from downtown Kingston
  • Featured Amenities: Nice, simple breakfast, easy parking.

Best Western Fireside Inn – Check Now

  • Style: A Unique, Cozy Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Right on Princess Street, a short drive/bus from downtown Kingston
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite bar/restaurant, free parking, good breakfast included

O’Brien House – Check Now

  • Style: A Cozy, Homey B & B
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: In a quiet residential neighbourhood located between downtown and Highway 401
  • Featured Amenities: Breakfast (when available), parking onsite, drinks/coffee available

Green Acres Inn – Check Now

  • Style: A Quaint “Getaway” Inn
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Right off Princess Street close to the Cataraqui Centre (Mall), a short drive from downtown
  • Featured Amenities: Gardens, pool, pet-friendly, free parking, continental breakfast available

Near Highway 401 – Highway Driving

Then there are several hotels and accommodations not at all close to downtown Kingston. Perhaps you are on a Canada trip along the 401 and just passing through Kingston?

If you are looking for hotels near Highway 401, you’ve got options. Officially, Kingston has seven exits from the 401 but only two (Gardiners Road and Division Street) have accommodations clustered. These areas are where we focused on below.

Division Street is exit #617 and Gardiners Road is Exit #611. If you are just planning on passing through Kingston, hotels at these exits have really easy access to get back on the highway.

That said, only the hotels on Division Street have many restaurants and grocery stores nearby so keep that in mind.

The hotels here are generally cheaper to stay at and often have free parking, breakfast, and other amenities like a pool.

Featured Accommodations Near Highway 401

Below you’ll find some great accommodations near Highway 401. Remember: These Kingston accommodations are a bit farther north of the city centre and you will need a car/cab to get there if you are planning on visiting downtown Kingston.

Courtyard by Marriott Kingston Highway 401 – Check Now

  • Style: A Comfortable, Standard Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Off Division Street close to Highway 401, restaurants around – must drive downtown
  • Featured Amenities: Bar/canteen onsite, indoor pool with slide, free onsite parking

Quality Inn & Suites Kingston – Check Now

  • Style: A Traditional Yet Reliable Hotel
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: Off Gardiners Road exit, close to Highway 401, a longer but easy drive to downtown Kingston
  • Featured Amenities: Free parking, onsite gym, continental breakfast included

Motel 6 Kingston Ontario – Check Now

  • Style: A Clean and Simple Budget Hotel
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: Off Gardiners Road exit, close to Highway 401, a longer but easy drive to downtown Kingston
  • Featured Amenities: Pet-friendly, free parking, free coffee/tea and morning muffin

Comfort Inn Kingston Highway 401 – Check Now

  • Style: A Traditional and Simple motel/hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Off Division Street close to Highway 401, restaurants around and must drive downtown
  • Featured Amenities: Free parking, nice hot breakfast

East End – Quiet, River Views

Finally, there is the “East End”. The east end is made up of some smaller neighbourhoods but is defined as everything on the other side of the LaSalle Causeway (Bridge).

It’s the area across from Kingston’s Inner Harbour along where the Great Cataraqui River meets/becomes the Rideau Canal.

This side of the city is largely defined by CFB Kingston, Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), and Fort Henry – a popular Kingston attraction.

Generally, this area is much quieter than downtown and has access to river views (depending on where you stay).

Heading north out of this area via Highway 15 will take you over Highway 401 and towards the start for the Rideau Canal at Kingston Mills Locks (a nice little lakeside picnic area lake above the city). There’s also one of Kingston’s many breweries over here – Fine Balance Brewing Company.

Highway 15 here takes you towards Ottawa through small towns like Smiths Falls, Carleton Place, etc.

Alternatively, you can head east via Highway 2 out of this area along the St. Lawrence River. You will eventually end up in Gananoque and the heart of the 1000 Islands.

Featured Accommodations in the East End

Below are a few accommodations in this area. There aren’t too many accommodations in the East End but it’s a place to stay in Kingston with decent options. It’s good if you perhaps want a quieter stay along the river.

It’s also good for those passing through the region by car because you are not far from main roads/highways to get on your way toward Ottawa or perhaps Montreal.

Staying here means that distance from downtown doesn’t matter to you. You could hop on a city bus to get back downtown (depending on where you stay).

Generally, a car/cab is the easiest to get back to the attractions of downtown Kingston if you stay over here.

All Suites Whitney Manor – Check Now

  • Style: Historic yet Modern Apartments/Suites
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Just off Highway 2, in a quiet residential area close to the St. Lawrence River
  • Featured Amenities: Full in-suite kitchens, apartments with balconies/river views/access to quaint outdoor spaces, onsite laundry, free parking

Lord Nelson Motel – Check Now

  • Style: A Clean and Friendly Motel
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: Very close to Highway 401 (surprisingly quiet), a short drive to downtown Kingston
  • Featured Amenities: Free parking, seasonal outdoor space, rooms with tea/coffee

Hampton Inn By Hilton KingstonCheck Now

  • Style: A Bright, Stylish Hotel (new hotel opening May 2022)
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Right off Highway 15, a short drive downtown and very close to Highway 401
  • Featured Amenities: Indoor pool, breakfast onsite, free parking

Super 8 by Wyndham Kingston – Check Now

  • Style: A Clean, Simple Hotel/Motel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: In a quiet, lush area right off Highway 2 – a short drive back to Downtown Kingston
  • Featured Amenities: Seasonal outdoor pool, free parking, kitchenettes available


If you’ve got questions about where to stay in Kingston, Ontario, here are some detailed answers to frequently asked accommodation questions:

What are some waterfront hotels in Kingston, Ontario?

You can stay right on the waterfront in downtown Kingston to take in those lake views from your hotel room.

For this, check out The Delta Kingston Waterfront, Kingston Market Square Hotel, Confederation Place Hotel, or the Holiday Inn Kingston Waterfront.

All of these popular hotel options in downtown Kingston have rooms with lake views – just make sure you book the right room. Some rooms might face the city (which isn’t too bad, either!)

Are there resorts in Kingston, Ontario?

Officially, there are no resorts in Kingston, Ontario. That said, you can find several resort-style accommodations on the river towards Gananoque or (more popular) in the grouping of lakes north of Kingston in Frontenac County.

The closest grouping or resorts (with waterfront rentals, beach access, amenities, etc.) would be places like Loughborough Inn on Loughborough Lake, Serenity Bay Resort on Dog Lake, or Sunny Acres Resort and Marina at Seeley’s Bay.

The resorts in this area are generally located along the historic Rideau Canal route making it a great area for boating. You can expect about a 35-minute drive from downtown Kingston.

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And there you have it – a quick rundown of some of the best places to stay in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

There are other hotels near Kingston but this guide should be more than enough to help you book a Kingston accommodation that works well for you!

As always, Keep Exploring, eh?

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